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Internet Fraud Scams

Internet Scams Scams off Hundreds of thousands over Email

The most common and perhaps well known internet fraud scams are the types that promise money from a Nigerian supply. These scams are initiated through e-mail that are sent to an individual by someone claiming to be Nigerian government official or the spouse/child of a deposed or executed official that has left them huge amount of money that they need help to maneuver out of the country. These scams use hpye to convince the recipient of the letter that they can have a percentage of many millions if they help to defray the costs of getting the money out of the safety deposit vault, anywhere that may be located, and then out of country.

These types of internet fraud scams try to get money as well as identifying information from other potential victims. They will ask for help with the charges of getting the money launched. Their letters will attempt to convince the individual that for only a tiny fee, in comparison to the actual millions that they will share, they can help to release the money for each party. Often the line is that the money is housed in a secure facility in a large trunk and once the fees tend to be paid it will be launched. They claim that the money cannot be used to pay the charges for fear it will likely be stolen. They will begin by getting small amounts out of the person to use not to scare these off.

Most of the time the folks involved in these ripoffs will try their best making it all seem which everything they claim is actually real. They will set up websites with phony banks that come with telephone and fax numbers to make them appear genuine. They will send communication on fake letterhead to make it appear that the bank or storage center where the money resides is reputable. Then money will be asked for. It will likely be a small amount, maybe a few thousands of to start, but it is not going to stop there.

Even after the victim stops spending, the swindlers will use the private information they have gleaned and attempt to empty banking accounts, run up credit card balances, and customarily steal whatever assets they can get their hands on. The particular thieves will that work these Nigerian internet fraud scams possess stolen millions coming from unsuspecting people who believe that they have been specially chosen to help move money in which in reality does not are present.

  • Dino says:

    Can there be some internet fraud onto it?

    April 9, 2013 at 11:23 pm
  • Hee says:

    I’ve reported Caldwell Lending Group to each possible police force I had been given directives to report, such as the internet fraud department. However, they still advertise on the web. What’s going to it require the government bodies to get rid of this?

    April 26, 2013 at 2:20 pm
  • Marlin says:


    Get wealthy quick schemes have been in existence for such a long time and also have developed with technology and occasions yet people never learn!

    July 1, 2013 at 8:51 am
  • Blossom says:

    Lately , i had been on the web and saw an advert from the vehicle salesperson who states that they can process vehicle deal fast and obtain a good cost in my present vehicle, I approached him, met him and gave him my documents. He states the vehicle loan is within process and really should get the news in a couple of days, Also, he provided his office card and that i known as for referral. They’re saying that he’s a pleasant guy. However I am worried. I told him that booking fee are only made deductable from selling my old vehicle. He okayed it. Please advice.

    July 9, 2013 at 4:47 pm