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Reverse Mortgage Calculator

How to Use any Reverse Mortgage Calculator

In order to make sure that a reverse mortgage is for you and that you can get the maximum amount out of the equity in your home, then you certainly need to spend some time using a reverse home loan calculator. Most of the calculators that you find are usually online, making them not too difficult to use so that you can have the data you need correct when you need it, but for some of us, using a reverse mortgage calculator may seem like more trouble than it is well worth.

The most accessed reverse mortgage calculator will be the one found on the United states Association of Outdated Persons (AARP) website. Their calculator consists of simply four easy to use Questions that you can answer to decide roughly what to expect in case you sign up for a reverse mortgage within the next day or two, weeks or weeks. By knowing your age, the value of your home, age of your spouse and your zip code, you can be well on your way to determining how much you can escape your home should you subscribe to a reverse mortgage loan.

When you finally decide on the reverse mortgage finance calculator on the AARP website, first thing you need to do is type in all of the information necessary. For the box exactly where they want to know the price of your home, you can either have a guess based on your own taxes or just how much you paid for it, or else you can get a rough estimation from an online property service like Zillow. As soon as all of the data is within and you hit the actual calculate button, you will end up taken to a page which will break down how much you can get as a homeowner from the reverse mortgage. The opposite mortgage calculator will tell you how much you can get invest the a single lump sum, the credit line account, or even a monthly loan advance on your home.

  • Tomika says:

    Mrs. Cruz is really a 70 years old widow with fragile health. She is the owner of her home (market price of approximately $400,000) and collects Social Security obligations of approximately  $1,250 monthly. She’s been lately talking about together with her three children getting into an aided living facility (ALF). There’s one ALF that Mrs. Cruz likes where she already has some buddies. It might cost about $2,500 monthly ($1,900 along with an extra originating from her “individually evaluated levels-of-care” of $600. Medicare insurance wouldn’t purchase her ALF costs. State medicaid programs might be an origin later on. Briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages from the following two options:


    a)     The kids come up with a fund to pay for two decades of expenses in the aided living facility. (Note: you have to calculate the funds needed to do this, and assume an rate of interest).

    b)     Mrs. Cruz utilizes a reverse mortgage to pay for the price in the ALF.

    c)     Are you able to briefly list other available choices worth considering?


    Note: You have to learn a few of the basic principles on reverse mortgages, and really should provide some amounts. To be able to achieve this, you might simply look for “reverse mortgage calculator” on the internet. Some information and facts are offered at Yahoo, commercial banks, and in professional associations.



    §       Independent living facility, aided living facility, elderly care, Alzheimer care.

    §       Lump-sum payment, credit line, payment per month plan.

    February 6, 2013 at 10:52 pm